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Doctoral students:

Elizaveta Besedina

PhD student / postdoc (transitional)

AGAUR-FI fellow

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Liza graduated from Moscow State University (Russia) in 2018, where she studied Bioengineering and Bioinformatics.  She worked with plants, yeasts, and bacteria before switching to a 'dry' lab.  Her MSc she focused on methylation of transcription factor motifs.  She is interested in statistical methods to quantify differential selection, and applying them to study the evolution of the human soma.  In her spare time, she likes to create handmade things, travel, and learn. 

Marina is a biotechnologist and  bioinformatician from Asturias (the not-so-sunny part of Spain, which is however famous for its bear population!).  Her current project focuses on understanding the distribution of passenger somatic mutations across the human genome and its variability between tissues and between individuals.  Marina is an outdoorsy person, always ready for sports and socializing.  She is also into nature, travel and reading. 

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Marcell, from Hungary, has a solid Mathematics and Computer Science background. He earned a BSc from the University of Aberdeen and an MSc in Modeling for Science and Engineering from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Passionate about AI and deep learning, he explores cancer genomes at our lab, studying frameshifted peptides and their immunotherapy applications. Outside research, Marcell enjoys learning about math history and participating in board sports. 

Guillermo Palou Márquez

PhD student

AGAUR-FI fellow


Guille is a geneticist and bioinformatician from Barcelona. His research is focused on the study of RNA quality control pathways through statistical and computational techniques.  Guille aims to quantify the variability in efficiency of these pathways between individuals and tissues and associate it with genetic diseases and cancer.  During his free time he composes music, so email him if you want to make a collab ;)

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Marcel McCullough Figueras

PhD student

DECIDER project

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Coming from a biotechnology background, Marcel joined the wet-lab part of the GenomeDataLab.  He is exploring genetic interactions between and within DNA repair pathways, and analyzing how these interactions shape the mutational landscape in tumors.  Ultimately, his interest is discovering cancer vulnerabilities inferred from mutational profiles.  Like probably everyone else, Marcel really enjoys sporting, and on lazier days he enjoys the outdoors and taking walks and hikes. 

Ignasi Toledano Martín

PhD student



Ignasi graduated in Biomedicine in Barcelona. After a MSc in translational medicine, he joined the wet-lab team of the GenomeDataLab for a PhD.  He is focused on how nonsense mutations shape the fate of RNAs and proteins in humans.  More specifically, he aims to unravel how the sequence and genetic determinants modulate the decay of nonsense mutated transcripts and the stop codon read-through.  In his free time, he quickly leaves Barcelona to spend time in nature. 

“Highly organized research is guaranteed to produce nothing new.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune. 

Maia Munteanu

PhD student


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Maia graduated with an MSc in Genetics from the University of York (United Kingdom) in 2021.  She is interested in understanding the biological mechanisms that underlie genomic instability, with a particular emphasis on DNA repair deficiencies.  Her project focuses on developing novel statistical methods for analysing mutational patterns in cancer genomes.  Some of her hobbies include mixology, baking, gardening, and knitting.  

Daniel Čolić

PhD student

La Caixa "INPHINIT" fellow

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Daniel is a molecular biologist from Zagreb, Croatia.  He has a background both in experimental science and computational Biology and Chemistry, but opted for a PhD in Bioinformatics.  His main interest is to systematically investigate and understand the role of genetic interactions during cancer evolution, deciphering the order of driver mutations in time.  In his spare time, he goes hiking or attends classical music concerts and football games.

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Patricia Ferrer Torres

PhD student

DECIDER project

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Patricia studied biotechnology in Valencia and is currently studying a Bioinformatics MSc in the UAB.  For her Master’s thesis she joined the GenomeDataLab, where she will be studying the distribution of somatic mutations in cancer genomes. In her free time, Patricia enjoys going on walks in nature, listening to music and making crafts.

Junior students:

Pere Pericot

BIST MMRES master student

Pol Gabaldon

Math4life program student

Associated lab members:

Francisco Fuster Tormo

bioinformatician / PhD student

based at the Solé lab @ Institut Josep Carreras

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