In the GenomeDataLab, we use statistical genomics and machine learning to study quality control (QC) mechanisms that protect the integrity of information stored in the cell: its genome and the transcriptome, as well as gene functional links.

We perform large-scale bioinformatic studies of multi-omic data from human tumors (somatic mutations, and transcriptomes), human populations (germline variation) and metagenomes (incl. human microbiomes).  

We study mechanisms of maintaining genome stability in human cells via statistical analyses of mutation patterns in cancer, which often result from deficient DNA repair [ 1 ].  Next, we are interested in how mRNA synthesis and turnover pathways shape genomes and transcriptomes in health and disease [ 2 ]. Finally, we combine experimental work and genomics to scan cancer genomes for genetic interactions to predict tumor evolution and identify novel synthetic lethalities [ 3 ].  More generally, we study novel approaches using machine learning to infer gene function from massive genomic data [ 4 ].

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Some recent research from the GenomeDataLab:

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We gratefully acknowledge our funders:

European Research Council ERC Consolidator Grant #101088342 STRUCTOMATIC "Mutational processes and impact of structural variants in somatic cells

CaixaResearch foundation "POTENT-IMMUNO" -Boosting immunotherapy by genomic prediction and NMD inhibitors.

EU H-2020 "DECIDER" Clinical Decision via Integrating Multiple Data Levels to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Novo Nordisk Foundation Starting Package Grant 

We are further funded by the "Severo Ochoa" centres of excellence program (to IRB), the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities ("REPAIRSCAPE"), the Catalan Science Agency (AGAUR) SGR support and FI fellowships.   More information on projects >>>

Some collaborations of the GenomeDataLab:

(w/ Travis Stracker lab, currently at NIH)

(w/ Salvador Aznar lab at IRB Barcelona)

(w/ Ben Lehner lab, Sanger Institute/CRG)

(w/ RARAF facility at Columbia university)

We are a part of the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) at University of Copenhagen; secondary affiliation of the lab is the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona):

Other affiliations:

PI is tenured (on leave) via the ICREA Research Professor program of the Catalan government.

Fran Supek is a member of the EMBO Young Investigator programme.

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